A conference like no other.....
As we look forward to 2018 and start making plans for the 2018 conference, we feel the overwhelming pressure of topping what was altogether an incredible conference experience for us as a group. As the members of our conference committee worked tirelessly for months, something great was being born for our community- the opportunity to network, to learn, to grow, and to show this area how much literary art means to us. I am so proud of those folks who made this dream a reality. Please take a moment to check them out on our members page. 


2018 Keynote Speaker: Karin Gillespie

Karin Gillespie is the national-bestselling author of seven novels. She has also written for the New York TimesWashington Post and Writer Magazine. She has an MFA in creative writing from Converse College and lives in Augusta, Georgia. She writes a book column for the Augusta Chronicle, and a humor column for the Augusta Magazine and  was a recent recipient of the Georgia Author of the Year award.

Karin Gillespie.png