8 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Northwest Georgia Writers Conference

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By now, you've probably heard about it. The Northwest Georgia Writers Conference is scheduled for Saturday, May 19 in Calhoun, Georgia. Wondering why you should consider attending? Here are 8 reasons to attend the conference this year.

  1. Because as a writer, you enjoy hearing successful published authors talk about the lessons they’ve learned in the writing, publishing, and marketing world—Karin Gillespie (author of the Bottom Dollar Series and more) will talk about her journey to the world of bestselling authors. Deborah Malone will talk about the nuts and bolts of book marketing. There will also be an author panel where successful published authors will answer any and all questions about the craft of writing and the bumpy road to getting published.

  2. Because you’ve always had an idea in your head for a book, but you aren’t sure how to get started writing the story—Nicki Salcedo will discuss the basics of outlining a novel. For many writers, after the outline is constructed, the writing process is almost effortless.

  3. Because you’ve already finished a project, and you are ready to pitch it around—Literary Agent Jeanie Loiacono will be at the conference on Saturday morning for manuscript consultations. Did you know that many publishing houses will not consider your work if you are not represented by a literary agent? Don’t pass up an opportunity to get feedback from a professional who has helped dozens of writers get publishing contracts. Go online to reserve valuable time with her today.

  4. Because you want—or need—to meet more people in the area who enjoy writing as much as you do—Last year, the conference drew in 65 writers in the Northwest Georgia geographic region. Many attendees have kept in touch this year and helped each other with their projects. Some even joined the Calhoun Area Writers and started attending writer critique groups. Others were hired to write for a local magazine. The bottom line is this: networking with other writers opens doors and helps writers grow.

  5. Because you have an interest in poetry or podcasting—Speed presenters Dr. Marsha Mathews will talk about reworking poetry selections, and Lee Green will talk about the art of using podcasting to get a message out and complement writing endeavors.

  6. Because you feel your writing needs a little help—Cheryll Snow will talk about how to infuse dynamic dialogue into your projects. Bookseller Bryan Powell will discuss reasons why people stop reading books, based on his own research.

  7. Because other comparable conferences are farther away and cost a lot more to attend—The Northwest Georgia Writers Conference is a real bargain at $65 for the day ($50 for members). Plus, it is located in the beautiful Harris Arts Center in Calhoun, Georgia, a small town with no traffic and ample parking opportunities.

  8. Because if you register before Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 6 p.m., you can get $10 off of your general admission—That’s right, folks—if you register online before Wednesday at 6 p.m., your ticket is only $55.