10 Things I Learned At Writing Conferences

With all the planning going on for the Northwest Georgia Writers Conference, I thought it might be appropriate to share a great article that I read in The Writers Magazine. The author has listed 10 things they've learned at writing conferences.

I'll get you started with number one because I think this one is a biggie!

1. You’re not alone.

Writing can be a very solitary practice. But at a conference or workshop, you can experience that “I’ve found my people!” feeling, whether you’re in a group of dozens or thousands. Novelist Masha Hamilton says that it is an extraordinary experience to find “a camaraderie with people who live for stories and who care about words: their shape and their texture and their taste.” The network of people that you meet now can pay off well into the future. After making friends at a writing conference, playwright Mona Washington finds that she always has others to connect with at literary events and readings. When Olivia Olivia was applying to graduate programs, she reached out to workshop peers she had met at the Voices of Our Nation Arts (VONA) conference and was thrilled to be “surrounded by people who were there to support me making whatever choice I needed to make for school.”